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Thread: A few Questions About Trainz

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    Default A few Questions About Trainz

    It is supposed to be released in Feburary, when?
    Do you have to have a high dollar video card to make it run smoothly like MSTS.
    Are the editors easier to use (route building, train building, etc.)
    Will it hit for the same price as MSTS or more?
    Thank you for your answers

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    Default RE: A few Questions About Trainz

    I like easy questions :-)

    Your one stop link for all you need to know... Once youve browsed links like the shop, Faq's, etc etc.. maybe jump into the forum and read a few threads to get an idea of what its like and how its coming along..

    Anything else... Give a holler :-) or even a simple . how much ?, where ? and when ? email to Auran will get you every detail you need to know...
    There a helpfull friendly bunch that communicate with there customers...


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