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Thread: Problerms re-skinning standard objects!

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    Default Problerms re-skinning standard objects!

    Since all the train-sim experience is over here :-)
    I haved used the new prog called Expresso (thanks Henk) to "create" a couple of cars for Trainz. I really am getting bored with the few offerings we have from Auran.
    First problem is the Stock Car, although the graphics are great,the background seems to have yellow writing visible

    [Link Expired]

    The second picture is the Kellogs Covered Hopper...the view is blurred and it seems to me the original jpeg did not convert to tga with sufficient quality

    [Link Expired]

    This one was probably a design error?

    [Link Expired]

    Ah well it seems that I got to do everything hard!
    Nobody else dseems to have the troubles I get, and you only see the ones I can't get myself out of! :-(

    It feels like the jpeg files are just too small, and are not able to produce a good tga file??
    Or do I need to use a better conversion tool than Ulead Photo Express 3.0 SE

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    Default RE: Problerms re-skinning standard objects!

    I've encountered this problem as well. It due to the fact that when the designers put the initial texture on the trains they did so in a way that worked for that skin, but didn't think about what would happen later on when someone else tried to skin the wagons. Not much you can do except try to work around it, or hope someone else comes out with a good wagon that's skin freindly.

    [Link Expired]

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    Default RE: Problerms re-skinning standard objects!

    The Virginia Midland 50' reefer reskin is of my creation, and yes, the reason the door is backwards is due to the design of the car, not the reskin. Auran likes to mirror skins instead of just copy them. Oh well.
    With the MoPac cattle car, the yellow is Drew's attempt to put a cattle load into the car. He didn't like the way it came out so that was the only one he created.
    The Kellogs' covered hopper was one of Drew's very first reskin tries, before he learned that we can change the size of the file. Since those first few skins he has doubled the size of the Auran file and made the textures higher rez. I believe there were 4 of these released before the rez change.
    Hope this helps.
    Tony (NKPellegrino here and on the Trainz forum)

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    Default RE: Problerms re-skinning standard objects!

    Thanks Tony!

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