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    Default Another repaint

    I'm on a roll.Had the game three days and three repaints.This is as close as I can get it with the mapping.So is it a keeper ?
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    Freddie A. Huff
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    There all keepers.. Any paint jobs a good paint job.. Heck.. Seen mine of Josh's TTX cars ? there shocking.. yet i love em :P

    Yours are better of course.. tho i might be wrong in saying.. Is that blue a little bright ? Ive never seen one in real life so i personally wouldnt know... :)

    Cant wait...


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    Great work on the reskins! The CN one's are especially pretty, but I'm biased as I am an Illinois Central modeller and I can use the CN ones on my route.

    One suggestion from a fellow skinner and please take this as constructive criticism: If your reskinning program has a "Static" option (one that adds small random variation to the fill color), it can be very useful to break up the solid colors such as the blue on the CSX unit. If you are interested, please contact me offlist at [email protected] and I can show you what I'm talking about.

    Again great work and welcome to the Trainz skinning community! There's only a few of us so far so it's great to have another!

    Tony (nkpellegrino here and on the Auran Trainz forum)

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