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Thread: Where can you buy it?

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    Default Where can you buy it?

    I see from the Train-Sim home page you can now buy a boxed copy of Trainz. Anybody know where? Amazon has lots of Strategy First titles, also some misc other Train sim titles, but no mention of Trainz. My searching hasn't turned up any on-line "buy the box" sources. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    Default RE: Where can you buy it?

    EB carries it, so I assume you could mail order it from ebworld online if you have to mail order it.

    Should also begin to be finding it in retail stores if you have them near you.

    I bought mine on-line direct from Auran in December, so I haven't actually looked on store shelves lately.

    I'm assuming you're in the USA. If not then it may not be available easily off-the-shelf. In that case mail-order it from Auran themselves.


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