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Thread: My first repaint for Trainz

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    Default My first repaint for Trainz

    Does anyone know how to get rid of the little black box on the side? I have no idea where it's coming from. As soon as I resolve this problem it's ready.


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    dgallina Guest

    Default RE: My first repaint for Trainz

    Let me start by saying "Nice Repaint!"

    The explanation for the black box is a little complicated since the Auran units do *not* use simple numbers on the main bitmap to represent the numberboards the way MSTS units do:

    1) The Auran B&O model you are painting on has numbers on both the front boards and the sides.

    2) Auran-created models (but not user content) can use an automated unit numbering scheme in the config file for each unit. When the defined number is selected in the consist editor under Driver, the selected numbers appear in all defined boards. This includes the side boards on Auran models. Trainz does this automatically by changing the numeral bitmap used for each decimal place on each board to the numbers specified in the config file.

    3) User models *cannot* use the Auran custom unit numbering. The defined number boards for a given unit are still in the model but blanked or zeroed-out, however.

    4) What you can do to get around this, and what I have done on my repaints, is edit the texture files that make up the number-board places with the content *you* want.

    5) The number boards for these units are made up of bitmaps for each decimal place of the boards, starting from the left. To paint a three in the first digit of the front boards, for example, you would edit the first decimal place file in the first number board set (I think the A set in this unit).

    To replace the side boards with the right paint for that part of the body, edit the B set of number boards and replace the blank number-board style contents with the appropriate paint for that side of the body.

    6) The fonts line in the config file can also be edited and changed to 0,1 or 2. I am not sure what the effects are yet since this is not documented by Auran.

    I think that's it (going from memory),


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