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Thread: The 50 (Foot/Meter) Barrier... How can we go Higher?

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    TucsonCoyote Guest

    Default The 50 (Foot/Meter) Barrier... How can we go Higher?

    Tucson Coyote here

    I had a Simple Question for the Trainz folks out there...

    I notice that in the Surveyor Module if you want to go above 50 (Feet / Meters) in height there are ways to do it .. but it can be quite problematic..)

    in short when you go above the Value of 50.00 in Trainz you start having strange things happen (Yet in REAL reailroads some lines clime at least 1000 or more Feet (Roughly 330 Meters) and using even Metric Heights about 50.00 (Which is 165 Feet) you still run into problems by wanting to do it "The easy way..

    Also Has anyone noted the manual Data Entry bug and reported it to Aurun?

    Just Curious that you only go up to a value of 50.00 (Unless you use the Hand Tool (Or the Raise Spline tool)

    Tucson Coyote

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    plugak Guest

    Default RE: The 50 (Foot/Meter) Barrier... How can we go Higher?

    What sort of problems have you run into?

    I've made routes that climb at least twice that high, and I've experimentally made terrain up to 2000 meters above the default height- and never run into any problems.

    I might suggest you post on auran's forum, there are far more knowledgable people there then I.


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