I just thought I'd mention that my Euro Track Pack is available here - http://trainz.luvr.net/projects-view.php?pid=166.
What is it? Well it's an attempt to bring some British and European visual touches to Trainz' infrastructure.

Phase I is a utility that creates two sets of double-tracked plain line, bridges and tunnels conforming to UK (3.5m) and European (4.0m) track spacing. (The UK is actually 3.416m or 11'2.5" but I made it 3.5m to cater for other railways with similar spacing. And it's a nice round figure )

Phase II contains a set of old style UK speed boards, a point machine (switch motor) to replace your junction levers, and modified versions of Auran's double and single catenary with a larger distance between the masts.

This is an ongoing project so expect to see more objects added as time goes by. Have fun, and let's see some cool UK layouts.