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Thread: Scenery or Track First???

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    TucsonCoyote Guest

    Default Scenery or Track First???

    Tucson Coyote here

    I was just curious as to the way folks in Trainz are designing their Layouts.. Is it

    Scenery First (You build the Scenery and then scope out the Terrain to find the best route...


    Track First... (You lay the Track then then build the Scenery Around it..)

    I myself am ding Scenery First that way I can build realistic Terrain and then Try To Find the Best Route (Lowest Possible Gradient..)

    Anyone Want to joing in Here??

    tucson Coyote

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    georgi55 Guest

    Default RE: Scenery or Track First???

    I'm currently making real world route that I gave up finishing up in MSTS, and I'm laying the track first.

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    paraflyer Guest

    Default RE: Scenery or Track First???

    I'm doing it the other way, scenery first, then track. 'Course, I'm importing DEM maps. I like the challenge of finding a route thru existing moutain passes, canyons. I'll post a screenshot or two when I get a chance.

    Talk about off-the-wall, though....took on the "challenge" of creating the "Lesser Antarctic Railway"!!! Basically broke down the DEM grayscale map into 20 1024x1024 sections, then mapped each section to a 9x9 baseboard. This map is going to be HUGE (imagine if I attempted to do it true-scale!). So far I have the board about 1/2 complete. What I'm planning on doing is posting the "blank" table to Auran's/Train-sim's download site in case anyone else wants to play; then once I get enough track/scenery/etc placed I'll upload that as well.

    Plus working on a couple of GP9 and SD40 repaints for this as well.....have to figure out the details of the paint scheme I want.

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    i always lay track 1st

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