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Thread: Grade Crossing Problem Visual..

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    TucsonCoyoteUS Guest

    Default Grade Crossing Problem Visual..

    Tucson Coyote here

    What I am Trying to Explain is that when I mix Custom Content Roads (which Is what I want with Standard Grede Crossings on my Layout Rather a Rather Interesting Thing Happens

    [Link Expired]

    Seems that the Content Roads are LOWER than the Actual Grade Crossing shown here and they "Sink Into the ground (Which when you flatten out the roads so that they show up, well this is the result that you get.. The Roads are Lower then the Grade Xing and you get spline Points.. When you try to smooth the spline of either the roads or the Rails you either get Elevated Grade Cossings or Lowered (Sunken) Roads.. (Of course these Roads are a New Batch loaded off of snf well, this is the problem either someone should create Grade Corssings and Roads that Match up smoothly or if there is a Way to modify them (ANd I suspect that there is..) well let's just say that I would Love to see the Solution to this rather small Problem..

    TucsonCoyoteUS (Formerly TucsonCoyote)

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    akochan Guest

    Default RE: Grade Crossing Problem Visual..

    Just smooth under a couple of short road sections leading into the crossing. You will never see it from low enough to realize the crossing is "floating". The normal roads "float" too but you can only see this in surveyor and the odd switch or tracking camera. From the train it looks ok. I actually liked floating roads better as there are less occassions of ground flickering through the roads with them a few centimeters higher, but I just love the intersections and sidewalks and parallel parking too much to not use those nice but too low roads. :)


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    TucsonCoyoteUS Guest

    Default RE: Grade Crossing Problem Visual..Fixed

    Okay Tucson Coyote here

    Finally Figured out what you meant when you said that What I did was Overlay a Section of Road Right over the Inital Cut And Raised it to 5.3 (The Difference in the Float is .3 units) and Voila! the Idea worked then just raised the Terrain Just that small Fraction and you get NEARLY a Perfect Grade Crossing..(Thanks for the Tip!)

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    TucsonCoyoteUS Guest

    Default RE: Grade Crossing Problem Visual..Fixed (Not!)

    Tucson Coyote here

    Seems I thought I had this problem licked.. but then again I don't Guess The Problem Lies witin the Grade Crossing itself and not the roads..(You can Modify the roads but what about the Grade Crossings themselves..(I Know of the Grounded Function and most of the default roads are .15 but the grade crossing is .30 in height difference..if the grounding effect could work in the Grade Crossing then it would be feasilbe...but right not apparently not

    Tucson Coyote

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