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    hi there.
    hey i was wondering is trainz anygood. i can't run trainz cause i got a voodoo card. i try running the demo but it dosen't work.
    trainz look cool. i was just asking thanks

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    Default RE: trainz anygood

    >hi there.
    >hey i was wondering is trainz
    >anygood. i can't run trainz
    >cause i got a voodoo
    >card. i try running the
    >demo but it dosen't work.
    >trainz look cool. i was just
    >asking thanks

    Hey ,
    well trains is well Cool IMHo....
    I have both MTS and Trainz and prefer Trainz....
    Surveyor is cool and well bloody easy to get on with.... Loads of content creation and the possibiliteis on how your layout could look when or if you build one is well endless.....

    Also there is great Texh support Unlike MTS.... a friendly community. But what I like the most about trainz.... is the endless possibilities of what you can do.....
    If you have enough money and you are looking at a new video card a GF3 based card or GF4 ( i have GF3) is a must.....

    There is currently only 1 add-on available..... Trainz Paintshed
    But Trainz collectionn pack vol1 is soon to be released and its good.... why I hear you ask..... cause I am testing it....

    pop on over to the forum and drop in and say hello.....




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    PC2 Specs Cant be arsed....

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    Default RE: trainz anygood

    Just out of curiosity.. Do you have the latest Demo available from ? theres a slightly larger Demo (60mb i think) out now that may be able to get it running on your machine.. altho i imagine it wouldnt exactly 'sell' the game to you if it did run :) Lots of good screen shots and What not to see over there.. And take a browse around there web site to see its packed full of not just Trainz goodness.. but Train goodness as well :P

    I to ran MSTS for quite a while.. And tried to finish at least 6 different routes that all failed due to that wonderfull route editor that is built into MSTS. Funnily enough tho i managed to add-on to 2 well respected routes around here with barely a hitch.. Until one day i pushed the tile limit a little to far and it got me in a big fashion.. Namely it corrupted itself and wiped my O\S with it.. was quite a day considering i had no CD drives working at that time to repair the O|S.. Anyway.. im waffling..

    Trainz came about funnily enough at about the same time and so i wandered over there a have look and was blown away by the movies of Surveyor and just how easy terraforming could be.. So if anything i highly recommend you download one or 2 of there movies and simply se for yourself just how good it can be..

    The best thing is its only going to get better.. Theyve said so and continue to say so.. MSTS on the other hand.. Well we sent 2 scouts out to MS and Kuju and none of them have returned with news of an MSTS 2

    Rest is upto you.. Ive waffled enough :P


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