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Thread: Las Colinas Grande RR

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    TucsonCoyoteUS Guest

    Default Las Colinas Grande RR

    Tucson Coyote here

    Seems I have been a Busy Little Surveyor and have been working on my Las Colinas Grande Railroad for Trainz...Already over 20 Boareds in size and this is a Major Mountain Style Railraod!

    Seems I Keep Myself Busy doing all the scenery... Check these Pics out and tell me what you think...

    [Link Expired]

    [Link Expired]

    [Link Expired]

    when I finish it all out I probably will have a Lot done.. Right now In Phase 1 of Building (Appleton Creek to Benderton) but phase 2 Will probably Start shortly..(Benderton to Colfax siding (Grades will be steep out of Benderton In excess of .75$ and by the Time you get to the Top the grade will be pushing 2 %.. (Of course Going Down the Hill Will be fun!):-)

    Tucson Coyote

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    Nate0125RS Guest

    Default RE: Las Colinas Grande RR

    That's a nice start. I'll look forward to more progress shots.

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    TucsonCoyoteUS Guest

    Default RE: Las Colinas Grande RR

    heh Well I have been a Busy Guy Haven't I???

    Of course I did notice I have 38 Boards and I'm Not Even up to the REAL Base of the STEEP Grade..

    but then again when the Going gets Tough the Tough Go Building..

    More Pics right here

    [Link Expired]

    of course that just the Steeper Grade Here...(Along Appleton Creek the Grade is .3% until Bender Canyon Jct...

    on the Other side of the hill same Hill The Grade is only .2% and takes a More Longer Winding Course..(That's SP For ya Looking for the Best way Over the Mountain While Santa fe Uses the Shortest Route..(Did I mention this is an Southern Pacific/Union Pacific/Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Bridge Route?):-)

    [Link Expired]

    [Link Expired]

    Tucson Coyote
    (Builder of the Las Colinas Grande RR (THe Big Hills RR)

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    TucsonCoyoteUS Guest

    Default RE: Las Colinas Grande RR

    of course when I go Muy Grande I pull Out none of the Stops :D

    [Link Expired]

    The Trestle Itself is 20 Meters (About 66 Feet At It's Deepest Point in the Creekbed.. and this is Not Just 1 But 2 Trestles Side by Side..(I Still got some scenery to get into place but when Finished It Will be Impressive!

    Tucson Coyote

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    georgi55 Guest

    Default RE: Las Colinas Grande RR

    Beautiful! :D

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    Hentis Guest

    Default RE: Las Colinas Grande RR

    You said about going down is half the fun.... your right there..... :p

    Heh Heh

    The route is looking very nice. I like it....
    Cant wait to give it a run......




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    Nov 1999

    Default RE: Las Colinas Grande RR

    Excellent,this is the sort of route ive been waiting for,those piddly little layouts just dont appeal to me. ;-)


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    georgi55 Guest

    Default RE: Las Colinas Grande RR

    >Excellent,this is the sort of route
    >ive been waiting for,those piddly
    >little layouts just dont appeal
    >to me. ;-)

    Same here. Im not that much into small layouts. If you havent tried, you should try Razorback 2.0, Brighton Gatwic, and GreenvalleeV3_5.
    Razorback 2.0 and GreenvalleeV3_5 are still round and round routes, but they are big, especialy Razorback 2.0 is HUGE,
    so they give you a feeling that the route isd prototype.
    I dont remember where to find them but try and search at official forums or Download Station.


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    TucsonCoyoteUS Guest

    Default RE: Las Colinas Grande RR

    Tucson Coyote here again

    Well I am Almost done Laying Track for Stage 1 of the layout..(West of Appleton Creek to Benderton..) Of course I have to put in some comment here

    Trainz I feel has so much Potential as to the building of real Lines (As the surveryor Module that Aurun Designed was able to use Grey Scale Bitmaps for Displacements..) and thus Realistic Rail Lines could be theoretically Laid Or created...

    My Expepectations of Trainz is such that Eventually Instead of Folks working as Seperate Entities Vying to Create Layouts Certain Groups will join together and form Virtual Railroad Clubs..(And build realistic Looking Layouts..

    The Small 2 x 3 or 4 x 8 Grid is okay but then againI really think Trainz really was built with REALISM in mind..(Oh Sure some of the folks in MSTS Says that You can Derail a Train, Crash two Trains Head on etc but the reality isn't of train wrecks or Collisions bur rather Prototypical building of railroads..(If anyone wants to study up on building railroads with Realistic Functions check out John Armstrong's "Track Planning for Realistic Operation" (Now In Third Edition) that explains how a Model Railroader can get the Most "Bang for his prototype Building..

    but hopefully if I get enough Feedback I wouldn't Mind Custom Creation Items to Creep into this layout..(And I wouldn't Mind folks Modifying the Layout to represent realistic Operations of a Rail Line (Of course I have planned it to be Two Division Points serperated by a Large Mountain Range..(and the track plan is initially Loop to Loop (Yes You can build reverse Loops..)

    in short trainz has so much Potential that I feel that the 40 Bucks to get even the Community Edition is worth it..

    But we need to see more realistic Items for trainz out there as well (The Trestles and bridges are a Nice Touch But the weaknesses I see are tunnels, Grade Crossings and the Like..the Roads Are okay (Even the Custome Creation ones)

    In short Trainz can be the Ultimate Canvas for any one person or Group.. and the Larger the Layout the closer to realism you get..

    Just my Two Cents..

    tucson Coyote
    (Las Colinas Grande)

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    TucsonCoyoteUS Guest

    Default RE: Las Colinas Grande RR The Climb Begins...

    Tucson Coyote here

    Seems I am East of Benderton And Am making the Climb out of the Valley and into the Mountains.. The Grade Really Goes from here nowhere but up..(0.75% on the next section) and at the Base of the Hill there's a Horse Shoe Curve to Lift the line up just enough..

    [Link Expired]

    Of course this weekend I plan to scenic the area.. Expect More pics... (And yes in the Distance is the track climbing..Uphill(Time to get out the helpters here..)

    Tucson Coyote

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