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    Hello All,
    Just wanted to post some pics of my reskins here on Train-sim, since I can't figure out how to do it on the Auran Forum.

    Ever since I've gotten Paint Shed, I've been working a lot on some NJ Area reskins. All three are available at either Auran's Download Station or Trainz Luvr, and I will be uploading them here at the Train-Sim File Library.

    I'm hoping that eventually we can repaint some of the streamlined Budd Coaches in Paint Shed. I'm hoping to make up the NYS&W Excursion Fleet.

    Well, here's to SP3.


    [Link Expired]

    [Link Expired]

    [Link Expired]

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    Default RE: New Jersey Area Reskins

    Hey! you stole my Erie Lackawanna Idea ;)

    CycloneTrain Out and Shout!

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