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Thread: GMAX Buildings?

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    I want to start building some Towers/Skyscrapers in GMAX. I'm not sure how to even start. One of the buildings I want to start on is One Penn Plaza here in New York. Which is located next to Penn Station. (See below Pic)

    If anyone can offer some assistance or would like to partner up on a project of building more skyscrapers for Trainz, please let me know,


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    Everytime I want to start a new project, being a loco or a scenery object... if it's based in real objects... I just do everything I can to have the objects dimendions... That building does not seem very difficult to do. Just try to discover it's height... for the rest you can even do has I did once.... counting steps from one corner to another of a station...ehehehehe :7

    Usually I just start by building a cube where I apply the blueprints has a texture... weither I get them or I draw them out of information I get. Take a look at this. I just had to know that that tower mesures 30 m heigh... then it's just a question of geting the right proportions...and the error is not that noticable

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