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Thread: Service Pack 3 Released.

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    Default Service Pack 3 Released.

    This is cut and pasted from the Auran forum for those who may not frequent there.
    this thread can be found at ...


    SP3 has arrived
    Hi everybody

    Welcome to Trainz Service Pack 3. I’m writing this document to give you an idea of what to expect from SP3 and given that there’s a lot to tell I suggest you get a cup of coffee and settle down for some interesting reading!

    Over 2 years ago we embarked on a mission to make the world's best Train simulation. Service Pack 3 is a major milestone on that continuing journey. We have introduced many new features that have been requested by the community including a save game function in Driver and activities (which in Trainz we call Scenarios). There is also a heap of new content including fantastic new layouts by Trainz "veterans" Bruce "3801" and "CeeBee" Barkman. Of course, there are still many things we can add, but for that you'll have to wait for the next release of Trainz.

    Apart from all the new features, one of our major goals with SP3 was to make it easier for people to download and share new content and so many of the changes relate to creating a unique identifier for each and every object - a KUID. (More about that later). In getting to this stage, we had to decide whether or not to support old content and public opinion was that SP3 had to allow pre-SP3 content to load. Therefore, you will find that whilst most of your custom content will load in SP3, but there may be issues with how it will work. For example, old loco's will not have the new configuration file that tells it about the new physics system, so you will get some very strange results until those files are updated. (Check out the docs folder to see how to can tweak your engine configs to get optimum performance).

    Meanwhile, we suggest that when installing SP3, that you rename your custom folder (e.g. to xcustom) and only include items one at a time to ensure they are working correctly. We also recommend that you should keep all pre-SP3 content in your \custom folder and all new content will be installed in the new world\custom folder. By the time of the next release of Trainz, all pre-SP3 content will be made obsolete, giving you plenty of time to update all your content. We will be releasing the new content creators guidelines and a new Custom Disptacher very shortly which will allow all the old content to be updated and re-released. Please be patient whilst this process takes place. (There's plenty of new things to try out while you're waiting).

    In future versions of Trainz, all content will be referred to by a KUID - a unique identifier comprised of a User ID and a Content ID. As a user, you don't need to know much about KUID's but please note that changing the KUID in the config file is actively discouraged! It does not make pre-SP3 content compatible with future versions of Trainz, and it will also cause problems with SP3. You will not be able to share your layout (as the KUID's will refer to the wrong items) and you will not know yourself which items are new items and which aren't. You will need to download new content to maintain future compatibility and avoid the problems associated with using pre-SP3 content in the future. In other words, you will make a map in SP3 that will use content that will not load in the next version of Trainz. Therefore, we recommend you aim to update all your content as soon as new items become available.

    After those warnings, the good news is that downloading new content is very simple with a new Download Station and a new "Content Update" option in the Trainz Launcher. When you load a layout that contains content you haven't yet installed, a log file is created which conatins links direct to the missing content on our Download Station. For the next couple of weeks, there won't be alot of content available, but once everything is updated, this will be a great feature of Trainz and will allow people to share their creations without having to be computer savvy at all.

    Another major change for SP3 has been to allow content creators to "reference" installed content. This means that users don't have to download the same "mesh" over and over for each reskin. As long as they have purchased the original mesh (for example, in Paint Shed), then each new paint job will be a much smaller download and will help alot with loading times as well. If you have previously downloaded any of this content but don't have the original files, you will receive an error message. For those of you who have purchased Paint Shed, there will be an updated version release in a week which adds the ability to paint all 5 sides. We have also included Paint Shed templates for all the Trainz loco's.

    So, what happens then when you’re about to download SP3. Well, your first decision is which patch to get. We are providing patches from 1.0, 1.1.1 and 1.1.2. You can download the one you want or if you’ve ordered it on CD, don’t worry about choosing as they are all on the one CD. The first decision you have to make when you have SP3 is what to do about your custom content. If you have little custom content, I’d recommend that you delete the directory and install your patch. If you wish to keep some of the content then I’d suggest that you cut and paste your custom directory to another location, then install the patch and check that SP3 works before moving your custom directory back in place. Doing this will save you a lot of brain strain in the event that your custom directory contains something that just doesn’t work with SP3. At least you know the patch worked and that the problem is content based if you do this.

    When you start SP3 for the first time you will notice a little window that is asking you to enter your USER ID. Please make sure that you follow the instructions and enter your ID, please don’t bypass this step. If you want to be ready ahead of time then your USER ID is the same number as your Planet Auran number. You can get it from your Planet Auran profile under "Your User ID. Go there now and write it down to save yourself some time.

    Ok, the next thing you will see is the SP3 launcher. Make sure the settings are correct for your machine and then run Trainz. The first power up of SP3 may take longer than usual as Trainz builds some internal tables that it needs. Once started you will see the usual Trainz menu with an extra option… Scenarios. One caveat here…if your custom content directory is very large (larger than say 200mb) you may find that SP3 will take quite some time to read it. SP3 content is read a lot quicker than pre-SP3 content…. another good reason to upgrade your content ASAP.

    Once the main Trainz menu appears you will see one of two things. Either the main menu just as it was with the extra scenario option present or you will see a box telling you that Trainz has identified problems with your custom content. If the later is the case you can click on the ‘Update content’ button on the Trainz launcher for more information about any problems you may have. You can avoid these problems by renaming your custom folder and only including custom content as you need it.

    Many of the options and links in the Update content web page reference the new Auran Download Station directly. As many of you may know the DS is currently being upgraded to support SP3 and the new version will be available within a week of SP3’s release. Please be patient and await the new version of the DS before posting that the Update content page fails to locate anything.

    In closing I want to alert you all to our roll out plan for SP3. These are steps we have completed so far over the past 4 months or so.

    Design and code SP3
    Test SP3
    Send builds to our beta testers
    Go back and code fixes to any bugs then resend to our testers
    Make a new version 1.3 of Trainz
    Make patches for 1.3 to all other versions.
    Build a new download station.
    Update Paint Shed to SP3
    Update the Custom Content Dispatcher to SP3
    Release Service Pack 3

    The remaining steps are:

    Bring the new Download Station online
    Test Paint Shed
    Test Custom Content Dispatcher
    Release both Paint Shed V1.3 & Custom Content Dispatcher V1.3

    As you can see from this we are very close, but you may also note that the new download station and things like Paint Shed are due to follow shortly thereafter. .

    Our goal with SP3 has been to lay a foundation that will work in all future versions of Trainz. The concept of unique content identification (KUIDs), interactive content location (the new Update Content button) and seamless downloading (the new download station) are all components of our vision for Trainz. We already have a large and supportive online community, but we plan to grow this to thousands of content creators, tens of thousands of items of content and a smooth and seamless way for users to locate, install and use that content.

    We hope you enjoy this Service Pack and trust that you will spread the word to your friends about Trainz.



    __________________________________________________ ___________________

    Catchya's :)

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    NYOW2000 Guest

    Default RE: Service Pack 3 Released.

    The day is finally here. YAY!

    I've been downloading it for about an hour now. I'm at work on a T1 Connection and it's still going to take 4 hours and 50 minutes. Yikes.

    But at least I can burn it onto a cd and bring it to my home computer which has Trainz on it. I can't imagine how long it would take on a 56K modem.

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    georgi55 Guest

    Default RE: Service Pack 3 Released.

    Thanks Bow letting us know.
    NYOW2000, I am on dial up because I just moved from Los Angeles to Gaithersburg in Maryland.
    (Phew...I hated LA...worst place I've ever lived out of 7 places I've lived so far)
    Its gona take me about 15 hours. (and thats with AOL connection)
    You should defenately use download boosters or managers because they can make few connections to the server at once.
    My suggestion is ReGet Deluxe at Its 30 days free but I ended up buying it because it was so great.
    I always used it even when I was on 768Kbps DSL in LA. It would always download at max speed your connection can make. (it did about 80KB/s for me)


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    Default RE: Service Pack 3 Released.

    I woke up at about 4:30 this morning. When I visited the Trainz forum on Auran's site, I found out that they released SP3. I tried to download it but the transfer speed was very slow and I have Road Runner cable Internet service. After trying to download SP3, I gave up because TOO many people are downloading SP3 at the same time. Now, I can't visit Auran's site. Jeffrey.

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    georgi55 Guest

    Default RE: Service Pack 3 Released.

    As I said, the server is busy so just get a download manager that can make few conections at server at once.
    The best one I've come across so far is Reget Deluxe 3.0 at

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    NYOW2000 Guest

    Default RE: Service Pack 3 Released.

    That sounds like a great program. I have 56K at home so the fastest connection I can get I'll take. I'll definitely check out that website. Thanks for the info.

    It's 2:07pm and I'm at 99% completed. Now, can't wait to bring it home.


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    Default RE: Service Pack 3 Released.

    >As I said, the server is busy so just get a download manager
    >that can make few conections at server at once.
    >The best one I've come across so far is Reget Deluxe 3.0 at

    Download managers don't help much if you can't get into the server because it's too busy, as with Auran now....

    And many webservers have been closed for people using download managers, the server doesn't accept connections from the download manager software.

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    Default RE: Service Pack 3 Released.


    Managed to get the Pack, slow but successful.

    Installed without a hitch.

    Tried a few things, all I can say is
    WOW, WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT! It might even drag me away
    from MSTS for a while. I've had TrainZ since it was
    released in North America but so far have spent very
    little time running it. This might just change now.

    TrainZ now runs faster, smoother, looks better than

    Well done Auran!


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    georgi55 Guest

    Default RE: Service Pack 3 Released.

    Well...after the official release by newsletter..I cant download it anymore it had only 4 hours left last night when i went to bed but I got pushed out from al DSL Cable and T1 users and ctn download a byte...

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    Default RE: Service Pack 3 Released.

    Any alternate web sites for downloading SP3? I still can't visit Auran's web site. Jeffrey.

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