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Thread: More Garrats and Robe, Part 2.. The End

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    Default More Garrats and Robe, Part 2.. The End

    The start of a Busy day.. Whilst the Garrats are on there way up, The 2 Robe Alco's pull into Wickham sidings to allow for a smaller consist to come Thru.. On the main line is awaits another empty consist bound for Mesa J some 150 odd kilometres away... There they will both be awaiting the Vline to bring up the small run of Loaded ore cars.. 40 in total..., Then off will head the smaller empty 40 car consist to mesa J and the larger 70 Car empty Alco set will have to await for the Garrat to arrive :) By then the Vline will be back from the port and will split up the Garrats and they will be put to a siding for rest :)... meanwhile the Robes will be working at Mesa J to compile all the empty's and get them in ready for filling again... :) Enjoy the trip.


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    Default RE: More Garrats and Robe, Part 2.. The End

    Wow. Here comes again. Wonderful screenshots! :D
    I would guess that you have saved this setting to save settings option in Trainz, correct?
    Do you think it is possible for you to share that setting? Im really bad at making consists on my self so I will really apritiate it...
    I think Garret is the only custom rollign stock in there, right?
    If you can share that setting file with me - if possible, can you delete the garret consist and save the setting as different file name?
    Please tell me if you think you can do this. Of course I will use it only for my personal enjoyment.

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