Went on a trip to Clinchfield Country the other day. Jkeena was right the orders are coming in so fast that the Clinchfield is calling in all their favors. They are using foreign road power. I caught a set of ABBA Southern power taking mty's up to Moss and bringing loads back down. I didn't have time to stay with it all the way and the weather turned ugly but all in all I think the pictures are worth it.

I caught the shifter on its way up to Moss with mty's. At least at this point the weather is still decent.

Pulling into Moss runaround track.

Cutting away to runaround mty's for spotting.

The engineer sent me this shot as I knew him.

Going by the rear end of the empties.

Spotting the mty's at Moss.

Pulling hard on the loads out of the facility.

Back on the caboose,ready for the air test.

Retainers setup and ready to roll.

Clear signal...Highball!

Got to keep them under control.

Going by Fremont Jct.

Beautiful country.

Loads are shoving hard on the downgrade.

Had to quit the chase at this point, but all in all a beautiful trip on the Clinchfield. Beuatiful layout Jkeenan.