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Thread: Any word on Trainz Yardmaster?

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    Default Any word on Trainz Yardmaster?

    I'm wondering if anyone has heard anything about Traiz Yardmaster?
    It sounds pretty good. Being able to load and unload cars.
    Also a hump yard would be great!

    Also the Backround radio chatter. The detector would be great.

    Here's a lit of yardmaster.
    From Aurans site:
    Includes a wide variety of animated objects such as crane cars, trackside cranes, container cranes, lifting or rotating bridges, trolleys, crossings and filling stations that can be controlled via a DCC interface.
    Rolling stock will carry visible and varied cargo. Load up a flat car, carry some logs or make a delivery and use a trackside crane to unload it at the warehouse.
    Yardmaster adds to the Trainz physics engine by allowing for hump yards and rolling 'uncoupled' cars. Back a car up, then uncouple it and watch it roll away. Build a slight decline and let it roll downhill and automatically couple with other cars.
    Allocate consists, move it from one location to another, build up a train and perform set offs. Trainz activities allow you to run your yard just like the real thing.
    Yardmaster adds to Driver's 'generic' signalling by expanding the system to include signalling systems and objects from all over the world. In addition Yardmaster allows for the creation of 3rd party signal models.
    Background radio chatter can be heard while operating the train from the drivers cab.
    Train defect detectors will automatically annunciate as you move over them. You hear them via the cab's radio.
    End of Train detectors will automatically annunciate as the train moves past them. Again, you hear them over the cab's radio.
    Transfer tables are sideways moving turntables. That is they do not rotate but move sideways instead. This is a great addition for European train buffs where transfer tables are quite common.
    Resources such as fuel are used and consumed by your locomotives. Watch your fuel levels go down in the locomotive then call by a refilling station for a 'top up'.
    Yardmaster supports multiple gauge rail and a variety of track types including rack and pinion. Now you can make that 1 in 10 railway to the hillside lookout a reality!
    With the addition of Yardmaster you are able to save games in progress or create scenarios that allows others access to an 'instant action' environment. Create a game, save it's state, and publish it on the net to allow others to experience your creation.
    We plan to support third party controllers such as those from Kato(R). These controllers allow the use of in game controls similar to those on real trains. Now functions like the throttle and brake can be assigned to real handles giving you a much greater feel for their operation (This option requires an additional 'Controller to PS2 converter' available separately).

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    Default RE: Any word on Trainz Yardmaster?

    It's planed to be relaesed within this year. That's all we know.


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    Default RE: Any word on Trainz Yardmaster?

    Correction. It's planned to be released when it is ready. (tm).



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