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Thread: Latest version of HOG is excellent

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    Default Latest version of HOG is excellent

    Tolaris THANK YOU! The TIGER data and DEM map colors mapped perfectly to the terrain. It was flawless! If you don't have this tool get it at! Excellent tool!

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    Tucson Coyote here

    I am trying to get the Tigerlines for the Track of the Cajon Pass to lay Out on the Baseboard (Which Come out quite Nicely and also have a Working model of the Minimap to assist me in Laying track.. Now I am totally Stumped here as I have One LARGE Map of the Cajon Pass Area and Am Stumped on how to "Paint" The Lines onto the Baseboard.. I'm Kinda Stumped here.. Any Ideas?

    Tucson Coyote (Trying to do a Good Ol Fashioned Route!)

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