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Thread: Erie Montauk Lines - Good & Bad News

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    Default Erie Montauk Lines - Good & Bad News

    Hello All,

    Well, some bad news. The Erie Montauk lines has been bought. After decades of existence, it has been gobbled up into a corporate monolith called "Allied National Rail"

    Allied National Rail has promised they will keep some of EM Lines locomotives in the original livery for history, but most will be painted into the ANR's scheme.

    Below are some screenshots. The layout is progressing nicely, there are so many baseboards now. Including a few that branch off away from the main layout for a branch line. Once the layout is completed I will decide on the final name, but for now Allied National Rail is to stay.

    I'll be uploading the Paint Shed skins of the Erie Montauk Lines and Allied National Rail locomotives when the layout is done.


    Descriptions by picture order

    ANR Special at Cheshire Curve

    ANR Special leaving Montauk

    Former Erie Montauk Line GP38 at Port Jervis

    ANR Special and former Montauk Limited meeting at Cheshire

    Close up of Alco "New York" of the Allied National Rail

    ANR Special on the Lackawanna's Paulinskill Viaduct

    ANR Special heading for the Roseville Tunnel on the Lackawanna Cutoff

    Former Erie Montauk Lines SD40 at Binghamton, NY

    Erie Montauk F7 locomotives

    ANR Special on the Lackawanna Cutoff

    ANR Special at Claire's Point

    ANR Special leaving the O&W's Highview Tunnel

    The linear park on the old ROW at Binghamton, NY

    Last but not least, look familar, it's the Delaware Water Gap (Under Construction)

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    Default RE: Erie Montauk Lines - Good & Bad News

    looks great, I mean, the layout that is.

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