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Thread: C & O Allegheny , N & W 1218

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    pjman2 Guest

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    Hello everyone i have seen the latest work on the big boy and i must say it looks great i downloaded the demo of trainz in will be buying the full version next week (cant wait, though i was wondering has anyone been working on the allegheny 2-6-6-6 or the #1218 these two were also some greats of north america steam along with the big boy.
    i think many will agree hope to see these in the near future and can not wait to buy the game.

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    georgi55 Guest

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    Hi pjman2. Once you get the game, is the place you wanna be.
    A really nice community, and Trainz Team is active all the time answering questions or simply chating in IRC.
    I have one sad thing to tell you thaty Big Boy for Trainz is going to be payware. I'm not really happy about this either.
    My only wish is that author will accept money order.
    I'm looking forward to see you in official forums :)

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