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Thread: Marias Pass Route for Trainz

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    Default RE: Marias Pass Route for Trainz

    >The thing about "feeling" of speed and distances is a very
    >thing. I have the feeling (seat of the pants feeling) when
    >running at
    >almost any speed with MSTS that you are physically moving
    >faster than
    >the actual indicated speed which is giving the appearance
    >distances between points are compressed.

    I think it's possible that changing the field-of-view in the camcfg.dat file could affect this, also. I know some people didn't like the default FOV for the cabviews.

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    Default MP III finished

    I have just finished the 3rd part of the Marias Pass layout from meriwether to Shelby. It will be available for download in few days on trainz.luvr and Auran DS.

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    I do not know if my version is corrupted, but the route has practically no signaling, which is a problem ...
    Other than that, the route is simply sensational !!
    João Sergio

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    You are only 16.5 years to late, posting in this thread buddy.
    The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt

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    Must be a record for a necro, on this forum!

    In response to the post, where did you get the route from and which version of Trainz are you trying to run it in? Pretty sure this was a UTC route given the date and a demo version ended up in TRS2004. The full version was payware/DLC. Whether and how it works in the latest versions is anyone's guess.

    The best course of action for missing assets would be to right click on the route in Content Manager, show dependencies and, assuming you have access to the N3V DLS with a bona fide copy of the game and preferably a DLS First Class Ticket see if you can grab the missing assets.

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    Good Lord!!
    This is like Lazarus rising from the grave!
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