Forget saving bandwidth and such, make it easier on everyone eyes and those of us still on dialup! I would rather read one long post with 6 different subjects, and load that page and its assorted content once, than load 6 threads and all this content seperately.

It's only logical.

Also, saying "I will, this is gonna, it'll be like..." is useless unless you have something to show for it.

I can get away with this sort of thing because in addition to my "this will be like such-and-such" and "my route will feature blah-dee-blah" I include screenshots.

Wulf and I are perfectly ready to take a semi-permanent break from the public BVE scene. I know this isn't Crotrainz but I'd like to maintain my sanity as would he...

If we do stop releasing our developments publicly, we both PROMISE that if we find anyone using or modifying our work without permission action will be taken, swiftly, and rather harshly.

Wulf has added features into his sounds for all of his trains and 'my' NVTA trains that distinguish the sounds. They can't be detected without special software and they can't be removed without it.

And my point:

Anas, calm down!!!!!!!!!!! Thats all.

Tim Frost x(
NVTA Subway routes for BVE: