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    Very nice route, will there be different eras or just one? As i notice the other trains in the route there are in the old br livery. :)

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    WOW, great screenshots. This is certainly one to watch out for.
    I think there should be an old era and new era, looking at the rolling stock.

    Great one Sacha.

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    Well done. As a southerner I could recognise the route immediatly. Especially the screenshots on TSC of London Bridge. Congratualtions again and to say I am anticipating this route greatly is an underestimate.

    James Dickinson

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    Default Sacha's New Southern Rails Route

    Hi Guys,

    As everyone else is showing pictures of how their routes are getting on, I thought I'd do the same, just to let you know that the project isn't dead, its just been lying dorment for a while. I'll just give a brief description of my route, incase there are some people in here who don't know what it is about.

    My route is a fictional route, loosely based on the real lines between London Charing Cross station and Gillingham depot in North Kent, in England.

    A few screenshots are below, there's 7 of them, so might take a while to load up (Sorry) !!!

    The first screenshot is waiting for the off at Charing Cross station, the second screenshot is just entering Waterloo East Station, third screenshot is approaching a red signal between Waterloo East and London Bridge before the signal changes, screenshot 4 with working feather that lights up as the signal changes, screenshot 5 shows the Bermondsey branch going off to the right of the main line, screenshot 6 shows the Greenwich branch going off to the left of the main line, and screenshot 7 shows us just entering Lewisham station.

    The train used in all the screenshots is 421cig by Steve Green, and objects used are with kind permission of Steve Green, Anthony Bowden, Robert Glass, Anthony Rispoli, and many others.

    More screenshots to follow in the next few days.



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