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    Thanks for the compliments! I hope you can enjoy the high detail routes when you get your upgrade. If you use Windows 2000 or XP with your new PC then you may be in for a treat with my future routes. :-)

    The class 310's were used on Cross-City services for a short time before the 323's were introduced, so actually it's a good choice of train to use!


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    Default Just a little Pic

    I just had to upload this little pic, I think shows why Birmingham X-City Southbound is in the top ten layots. A second version in the opposite direction is in the works.

    The layot as shown is running in low detail and is the night ECS run but for this shot I set the view distance to 600.

    A note to the Newbies this is not the standard train for this route The train is a 310 Class, I changed it using BRR 9.0 as I like the older electric train and the way they sound. Thses and the 304's that have not been modeled yet worked

    My public thanks to the authors of this route and can't wait till I get my computer upgrade so I can run it in high detail


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