Instead iof making multi-posts I'm putting them all here!

1. Got the book The Isle of Wight Railways, Starts from the steam Period to the start of Electricition, anyone seen any later ones?

2. The loop route, ; Drove the second half Moorland Jtn to Belfern, gee someone was a bit skimp on clearance just after the junction, but realy great run, wounder if the SPSS would like to run a tour this way, could be quite a challange.

3. The mag-lev or monorail , thinking it might be fun just to see how they work to update into the future someones line, any suggestions and permission. Atleast it would give us one run thats fully graphic.
The genleman supplies the rail object for download so I don't think there would be any problem with getting permission to use them.

4. Had a look at the BRF commands in the Suomi Route and read the docs for them a very intresting system, first time I tried to use it I tried to load it on 9.1 but it crashed my machine so used the one thet came with the route 8.1 and alls well.