I have uploaded a copy of BVE File Converter Version 2 to the Train-sim library, it should be available later today or tommorow. It is also available at my download site:
This is the second release of a BVE file converter. It allows full bi-directional conversion of object files from CSV to B3D and B3D to CSV. The converter also allows you to modify the position of CSV files in space. You can move the file in X Y and Z directions, resize (scale) and mirror in all three axis.
There is full conversion support for all commands including the undocumented use of the cylinder, cube, translate and rotate commands in the B3D format. In addition if the CSV file has any of the undocumented commands, the converter will attempt to build a bounding box of x y and z coordinates so that these files can be used with Route Builder.

Thanks to Beta testers,Miquel Pujadas,Jean-Louis Coste,Luigi Cartello and Michael C. Goetz. They pointed out the many errors and gave me some of the solutions. Several also provided objects for testing and suggestions for version 3. Suggestions, a better handle on the rotate command, a conversion from another form (DXF, X, taking suggestions) and the ability to freeyly rotate in any axis.