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    As you know, I'm new to coding so sorry if this has already been bought up.

    On my route, I have a trackside bush, placed at 74 metres. When you go passed it, it disappears as you approach it.

    If it helps, I do indeed have track placed at the 75m mark, and only have it placed every 25 metres.

    The line of code is:
    74, .Freeobj 0;34;+2.5;-4,
    Damon Cox -

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    Default RE: Dissappearing Object

    You might need to place it at 75m.

    Should be ok then...

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    Cheers Zane! Tom Beevers notified me to tell me it is because BVE clears things every 25 metres. Makes sense to me now, because you have to place track every 25 metres etc. Helps with my trackside embankments too!
    Damon Cox -

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