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Thread: BVE 4 Routes Released?

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    Default BVE 4 Routes Released?

    Hey everybody,

    I was curious, what other routes are out for BVE 4 only *route and compatable trainsets*

    I currently have Maybank and the LUL routes, and the most recent U1 route. Is that all that utilizes the BVE 4 technolodgy?
    Brian Bundridge Moderator

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    Default RE: BVE 4 Routes Released?

    My Tyne Valley route runs in BVE 4, but I haven't implemented any of the BVE 4 extras. Chris Lees' Plymouth route is a decent run as well.

    Try going to and clicking the BVE 4 search. You'll find 13 or so BVE 4 compatible routes - ie., routes that will run, but not necessarily with a "full implementation".

    Also, see my website to learn how you can modify your trains to at least show the BVE 4 timetable.



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    Default RE: BVE 4 Routes Released?

    Mine isn't bad; I haven't implemented any BVE4 features yet either, simply fixed the errors that crop up when trying to use some vanilla route files. The Scotsman is slightly better, & even though there is no custom performance or sound (Yet?) I do rather like the cab :)
    I would think that your best bet is to try some of the Japanese routes?
    Oh, and try the little steam train ((User BVECOLORADO)) & route that's somewhere around. Sorry to not be specific on this one, I know what I mean :D

    Chris Lees

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    Default RE: BVE 4 Routes Released?

    Trouble is, lots of extra work is needed - first you need to galvanise your stuff against the new "ways of doing things" in BVE4, then if you want to add new features. Add that to the desire to redraw textures et cetera due to higher resolution and it does take a while!

    On a personal note, I've done nothing on Picc 5.2 since February, being busy with exams. However, come July I hope to restart construction in earnest!

    Tom Beevers - Picc v5.2 Coming Soon

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    Default RE: BVE 4 Routes Released?

    Tramlinie10 is proberly the best tram route(s) out there! :) IIRC is the site for it.

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    Default New Train For BVE4

    HEY MAC:
    For a BVE4 steam locomotive with working 'bells & whistles',
    try the 0-4-4T NYE#39 at

    Doesn't have a route yet, but you can run it on any BVE4 compatible route either
    manually by editing the Train.Folder command in the CSV file or thru BRR.

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