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Thread: Class 44 not available for BVE

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    Default RE: Class 44 not available for BVE

    Let's hope we see a completed BVE version soon. That would be the icing on the cake for this thread. Fingers crossed. Below is the same photo I used in the first post but it's a clearer copy. The locomotive is 44008 (I know it as D8 “Penyghent”). I love this photo, it looks like it’s just uncoupled from the Royal Train. In this thread Simon mentioned “exotic things like Westerns”. I remarked “Peaks and Westerns … two powerful locomotives but the Westerns were the ladies of the line I always thought! But if Westerns were ladies then Peaks were bruisers!” So I think it’s only fair to include the lady as well I thought.

    The Peak (138 tons, wheel arrangement 1Co-Co1)

    The "Lady" (108 tons, wheel arrangement Co-Co)

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    Does anyone still have the Class 44 from Oskari Saarekas?


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    Hi Jorge, Oskari here. I just stumbled upon this thread. What a blast from the past! I didn't remember I already had an account here.

    The Class 44 I did was only the cab model and graphics, not a drivable train. If you want to try to create the loco for BVE, I can search for the files in case I still have them somewhere. If you just want to drive the train, the files won't be of any use to you.

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    Hi Oskari,

    Please, send me the Class 44 cab and graphics. I will try to make it drivable by adding a Train.dat and sounds.


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    Ok! You can download the cab here:

    The zip contains Blender files for the cab and various parts of it. It's one of the first 3d-models I made and not very well thought out, but you should be able to render the view to a 2d-image and add the missing parts with some painting program. Good luck!

    EDIT: note that the newest and most detailed file is the "sidewindow.blend", not the others.
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    Thanks for uploading the Class 44 cab. I have installed Blender and I was able to open the files, unfortunately it is beyond my ability to finish the cab graphics.

    Maybe someone else has the skill to finish this excellent cab.


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