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Thread: Class 44 not available for BVE

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    Default RE: Class 44 not available for BVE

    Let's hope we see a completed BVE version soon. That would be the icing on the cake for this thread. Fingers crossed. Below is the same photo I used in the first post but it's a clearer copy. The locomotive is 44008 (I know it as D8 “Penyghent”). I love this photo, it looks like it’s just uncoupled from the Royal Train. In this thread Simon mentioned “exotic things like Westerns”. I remarked “Peaks and Westerns … two powerful locomotives but the Westerns were the ladies of the line I always thought! But if Westerns were ladies then Peaks were bruisers!” So I think it’s only fair to include the lady as well I thought.

    The Peak (138 tons, wheel arrangement 1Co-Co1)

    The "Lady" (108 tons, wheel arrangement Co-Co)

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    Does anyone still have the Class 44 from Oskari Saarekas?


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    Hi Jorge, Oskari here. I just stumbled upon this thread. What a blast from the past! I didn't remember I already had an account here.

    The Class 44 I did was only the cab model and graphics, not a drivable train. If you want to try to create the loco for BVE, I can search for the files in case I still have them somewhere. If you just want to drive the train, the files won't be of any use to you.

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    Hi Oskari,

    Please, send me the Class 44 cab and graphics. I will try to make it drivable by adding a Train.dat and sounds.


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    Ok! You can download the cab here:

    The zip contains Blender files for the cab and various parts of it. It's one of the first 3d-models I made and not very well thought out, but you should be able to render the view to a 2d-image and add the missing parts with some painting program. Good luck!

    EDIT: note that the newest and most detailed file is the "sidewindow.blend", not the others.
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    Thanks for uploading the Class 44 cab. I have installed Blender and I was able to open the files, unfortunately it is beyond my ability to finish the cab graphics.

    Maybe someone else has the skill to finish this excellent cab.


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    Good to see you are still active in developing train sim software.
    I was wondering if you have an archive of your DLL\PlugIns\Source for BVE;
    specificly OS_ATS, any variants (English, German, Italian, etc) that you may have developed or helped others to develop.
    Would greatly appreciate if you could kindly ZIP and upload those for my use\enjoyment.

    You are likely aware of BVE's slow evolution into OpenBve TrainSim, being compatible with your legacy of BVE routes\trains\plugins.
    Chris Lees is currently\actively managing\improving the OpenBve source code;
    he is known as Leezer3 on these forums:

    Considering your and Chris Lees coding expertise, a combined\teamed effort would likely result is something very good in the train sim world.


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    OBTS, I'm more active in trainsimming than ever before. Yes, I've been looking at what's going on in the OpenBVE scene every now and then, but to be honest, it's years since I last ran it because I've been busy with my own sim.

    Chris has probably already replicated most or all of the functionality of the original OS_ATS plugin, so uploading the source again wouldn't be of much use? The German and Italian variants were done by other people and I don't have the source or their contact information.

    A team effort is probably not a realistic idea right now because my project is commercial and proprietary and I can't yet afford to hire someone

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    I am happy for the success of your own trainsim; also sad as Bve\OpenBve no longer benefits from your talent.
    Do have an old copy of OS_ATS source and DLL from March 21 2009; was hoping for a .NET version or additional functions.
    Did try converting several trains to use Chris Lees plugin, but no luck.

    Wishing great success for you.
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