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    Been meaning to do this for some time now... so here goes...

    Recently i've been seeing several people posting photos that were linked to other sites, most photos were not their own shots, and no credit to the photographer was given. Now you might just want to show off a good photo, but come on people, give the photographers credit at the least as thats mostly what they ask for. Get their permission before posting stuff that isnt yours or in your collection (does not include right click save).

    I shoot hundreds of thousands of photos each year, most I post here for all to enjoy, however I wouldn't want to see my stuff on a site with no credit given, and had not been contacted about the operation.

    Please keep the photographers in mind while posting photos, specifically if they arnt yours.


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    Default RE: Photo Copyrights

    Well said Jason. I see way too many examples of photos taken from sites without any credit. I'm OK with people using my photos with credit and prior permission, but I do not want to find one of my photos posted on a site like this without any credit or permission.

    And this applies to MSTS engines and cars repainted from photos as well. There are some people who make cars with photos from other websites without even any credit.

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    An extra clarification: Copyrights for photos goes to the owner of the negative, not the owner of a print so if your hobby includes buying duplicate slides, negatives, prints, or digital files, unless the owner of the negative transfers the copyright to you, in writing, you do not have permission to duplicate and redistribute in any manner the image you purchased (fair use allows you to make a few copies for your own use but you cannot share them).

    Further, because of the completely screwed up ideas in the U.S. Congress, recent revisions to copyright law have made it impossible to know if any image taken after 1921 is in the public domain or not (thanks a lot, you jerks).
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