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    Default Model Trains

    A few of mine.

    My SD35 weathered with graphite from a mechanical pencile

    And the newist joke for a model railroad :-p


    Jason Underwood
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    ROFLMAO!!!! that is priceless!! Nice looking SD35. So I'm not the only one who (tried on my part) to weather a locomotive with graphite. Although it's hard weathering a blue locomotive with graphite...... but nice shots, and priceless name for a railroad. makes you wonder what the scale people are thinking....
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    Default RE: Model Trains Newest Loco with my first sound equipped/ first ever loco. Yes i know Handrails are missing on the AC44. The leader is a Broadway Limited SD40-2 with Quantum Sound. I had the AC44 muted because it drowns out my SD40-2. LOL. All the cars in the train, (Except loaded ore cars) are mine. I have a bunch more at my house. This was taken at a friends house.

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    Default RE: Model Trains

    Okay Okay

    Custom Kato WM GP35, complete with Leslie S-5TR and dual plows.

    Running circles around some Leslie S-5Ts and Westinghouse B7

    HC-42 class hopper.

    Evans type III 100 ton coil car, ICG

    Kitbashing a WM RY HC-41 hopper

    HO WM RY 7434. I added the Leslie S-5T horn, dual snow plows, and onboard flange oiler on the fireman's side.

    Custom as delivered WM RY SD35.

    An old favorite.


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    Default RE: Model Trains

    Nice pix there Jeff.....Nice horns to ;)

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