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    I'm looking for any kind of sound material of any kind of 710 engine, from british 66 to american SD70 series.
    Anything "static" enough to be able to sample it (if you permit as the author).
    That excludes runbys.

    In cab recordings, exterior recordings, throttling up or down, idle, any run/notch etc. anything as long as I can find a static spot to snip and loop

    Instead of actual sound clips, I even accept hints where to find such recordings (even payware CD's or sound files)

    Any information, or sound material would be appreciated


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    trust me, a recording of a 710 is on my to do list, that's currently five pages long. I'm trying to set something up with a friend of mine who works on Guilford. While GRS doesn't own 710 powered locomotives, foreign power often winds up on it up here in NH. But i'm getting there to the recordings. hope this helps

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    Good to hear. If you manage to get a good one some day and and are willing to share, just PM me.


    But of course, this request is still open, I'm taking anything I can get..

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    I think I may have something for you somewhere on my PC. Gimme some time to look for it, and I may be able to be of assistance.
    Jon Clark - Butler, Pa

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    thanks, let me know if you find it

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    I got a clip of 2 x Australian SD70MAC's (90 Class) at Maitland in NSW. Whats your email?

    >Mike Forster<
    Perth, Western Australia

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    crystalblue @

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