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Thread: this is not a request but an offer

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    Default this is not a request but an offer

    I've been doing some sampling, but I still have to sort things out with the rights holder of the recording before I can make a public zip out of this, so I'd just like to give you a sort of a preview, and ask you wheather anyone is interested.

    For now this includes two sound files, I still haven't made the idle sound for this. I just sort of played around with notches in MSTS to give a tour of the sound.
    I hope you can't tell where does one file begin and another one end (can you tell?)

    This is supose to be for a 567 non-turbo engine, for EMD F units or any other 567 engines you like, but it can also pass for 645E roots engines.
    I tested it with 3Dtrains F7 units.

    I like the way it sounds, gutsy and rugged

    So you think I should finish this and post it?
    The finished product would include sound files for the engine and a notepad containing SMS lines (volume, frequency etc.) that you can insert into any SMS file you want and detailed instructions for those not formiliar with MSTS sound editing.

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    Default RE: this is not a request but an offer

    Wow. That sounds pretty good! I wanna know what it sounds like in run 8 though... :P
    Jon Clark - Butler, Pa

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    I've been trying not to push the samples too hard because then they would sound just like that: samples

    I don't really have a reference as to what RMP notch 8 is supose to sound like, but this is as hard as I can push those sound files before they start sounding like looped samples.

    Here is the best I could do in terms of RPM range with those two samples, also this is a 44K version, it sounds better than the 11K, so if you don't think that your CPU is going to mind, you can have pure 44KHz sound:

    You tell me how far does this go (If it's close to notch 7 I'd be happy, because I'd need another sample to go further than this because it sounds thin otherwise)
    I've also fine tuned the frequencies of the two files so that the transition is even more seamless.
    Tell me if you can hear where they x-fade. After the x-fade the first one has volume to zero, so at highest RPM you are actually hearing the second sound only, not mixed with the first one.
    I hope you can't hear the x-fade

    I'm still working on that idle sound though.

    This is too sharp and clean for interior sounds, so I guess this is going to have to be an exterior sound, but if there is demand, i can easily EQ this for interior. Otherwise it would go nicely with the new 3dtrains interior sounds.

    Tell me what you think. Also if anyone wants to beta test this on their locomotive, you are wellcome to.

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