I've been doing some sampling, but I still have to sort things out with the rights holder of the recording before I can make a public zip out of this, so I'd just like to give you a sort of a preview, and ask you wheather anyone is interested.

For now this includes two sound files, I still haven't made the idle sound for this. I just sort of played around with notches in MSTS to give a tour of the sound.
I hope you can't tell where does one file begin and another one end (can you tell?)

This is supose to be for a 567 non-turbo engine, for EMD F units or any other 567 engines you like, but it can also pass for 645E roots engines.
I tested it with 3Dtrains F7 units.

I like the way it sounds, gutsy and rugged

So you think I should finish this and post it?
The finished product would include sound files for the engine and a notepad containing SMS lines (volume, frequency etc.) that you can insert into any SMS file you want and detailed instructions for those not formiliar with MSTS sound editing.