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    Has anyone done a C&O Allegheney? (2-6-6-6). Also has anyone done one of Boston and Albanys 400 series 4-6-6T double ended tank engines.both of these engines were powerful locomotives. I've heard that the Allegheneys were as powerful as a big boy but not as successful because a whole third of the weight rested on the trailing truck, but I could be wrong. But yeah if anyone has done one of these locomotives, and is willing to share..........

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    I believe that BurritoFarmer has done an C&O Allegheny for MSTS, and not sure what has happened. The Allegheny actually has a higher horsepower rating than the Big boy, but it barely saw the horsepower, because I believe that the Allegheny has to be doing at least 40mph in order to reach the peak of the horsepower, but Alleghenies were stuck on mainly coal service and barely ever reached speeds of excess of 40 mph. I may be wrong on this info, but this is what I have seen in a movie and some material on the Internet. But yes there was an Allegheny model being worked on. Hoped this has helped you :)
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    I believe he's been busy revamping textures.
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