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    maiatcat Guest

    Default Platform needed

    Many eons ago, Enocell produced a platform eneititled 7platform3.s

    I need a platform with the same footprint (length, width, height, but without a canopy. Would any one be willing to undertake the project?

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    Default RE: Platform needed

    Hi Maia

    Check out the UK Trainsims site for these Platforms they may be OK for you, I have put you into the right page with this URL.

    You might have to wait your turn for free downloads or Subscribe for a month for 3 pounds sterling


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    maiatcat Guest

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    I am aware of these and have used them. I have used Enocell's platforms on a temporary basis until I can find some to replace them with. The problem is that the UK platforms are about 10 meters long, where Enocell's are much longer. Why use short pieces when one long platform is easier to use. I just want a one for 1 replacement. Thanks for answering.

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