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Thread: MLT CN + CP FIX

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    Default MLT CN + CP FIX

    I was just wondering if someone could please help me out.Can some out there:
    -fix the windows on the cp pack that came with rp so that they are tinted
    -fix the one side of the cn dash 9 so the white stripe doesnt go to the roof and matches with the otherside
    -fix the nose logo of the cp ac4400 to the proper logo like the nose logo on the sd90

    I really wish i had the talent to do these things myself but i lack the programs and the skills, so if you guys at mlt or anyone could help me out that would be great.Thanks for you time guys.

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    Default RE: MLT CN + CP FIX

    Go to , I think someone made a fix for all or most of those...Just make a post like you did here in requests.

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    Default RE: MLT CN + CP FIX

    There is a file named dash9glass for the GE's(there's also one for the 9043's too) you have to manually edit the .eng files, but the only other way to do it is to change the shape file itself.

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