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Thread: large semi-circle log pile needed

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    Default large semi-circle log pile needed

    Hi All,
    I would like to formally ask if anyone would be willing to create a large semi-circle log pile, like the one include in the picture. I would like it to be atleast 300' across. I have tried giving it a shot in TSM but it seems to still be above my skill level so far.

    Thank you and if anyone need reference pictures let me know.
    Randy Carnley

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    Default RE: large semi-circle log pile needed

    This one is so-so.

    The textures are from Steve Thompsons 5 big logs file. One is unaltered, but the ends of the logs I edited to get some darkness in the pile. His readme didn't have the grouchy sounding 'Don't touch my work' that some do, so if you were to want it I can send it to you.

    The outside diameter is 300 feet, so with the 40 foot logs, there is a 220 clearing in the center.

    I based this from an article in Model Railroad OCT 02, where they spy on a woodchip loader in North Carolina. It's on my to-do list, but not very high up.


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