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Thread: Cinder Hoist and Ash Pit

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    Default Cinder Hoist and Ash Pit

    It was wrong of me to start modelling locomotives as a beginner's project. I better stick to structures.

    I am making plans for a cinder hoist and ash pit (based on Walther's product #933-3181 <>) and I am in the middle of an interesting problem---

    I wanted a "true pit" which extends below the tracks but can't find a way to avoid intersections. A partial solution is to use the terrain editor in the RE to avoid an intersection with the ground, but how do I remove the ties and ballast between the rails above the pit?

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    Default RE: Cinder Hoist and Ash Pit

    You have to re-lay that track, with pieces that don't have the ties and ballast. ScaleRail has some ENG pieces, which are just plain rails, and Xtracks, well, Xtracks has some, I've used them before, but I don't remember the names, and wasn't able to see anything obvious from looking at the list. Something to do with street trackage. Some of the C shapes don't have ties, but most are for subways.


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    Default RE: Cinder Hoist and Ash Pit

    X tracks has bridge rail sections without ties that will work

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