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Thread: Trouble installing WIGWAGS.ZIP

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    Default Trouble installing WIGWAGS.ZIP

    Hi, recently got the file WIGWAGS.ZIP downloaded and tried to install, then found out there's no .ref file for it. Naturally, they won't show up in the editor (at least, not as far as I can see). There was no in it, so not sure who to contact for the .ref file.

    Any suggestions? I like to old wig-wag's.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default RE: Trouble installing WIGWAGS.ZIP

    The ref file entries are easy. Basically, copy and paste the one before it. Change the filename, description, and probably the class.

    Then make sure all the ('s have )'s .

    Though, with those being crossings, then be sure to copy and paste a LevelCr item, vice a Static item.


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