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Thread: TGA TOOL 2

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    Default TGA TOOL 2

    I am wanting to add one of my cities names to fire engines. Once I have the image in the tga window I send it to paint and change the name of the city. What do I do next so that it will show up in my simulator. This is my first time doing this. Thanks in advance.


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    Default RE: TGA TOOL 2

    Hi Rob,

    You need to turn the tga file into an Ace file. TGA Tool2 comes with AceIt, open it, select the file you've changed, make sure you change the drop box beside Format to the one with 1 alpha (think it says + 1 bit alpha but you'll know it when you see it). Then select Output and then the destination for the saved file and name. If you are replacing the original ace file you may want to make a copy of it and rename it first, then save you're copy with the original files name. By using the same name MSTS will read it and you should see the new town name on your rig next time you open your route.

    If you have SView you can open the shape file for the pumper and you should see your new name there as well.

    Paul :-)

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    Default Tga Tool2 stopped working

    I'm using Tga Tool2 and have successfully created some changes to cabview files.
    But for some reason, the utility is not working anymore. IOW I can go through the whole process exporting as ace file, etc. but when I exit the program and then go back to load up the same file, the changes I made are not there.

    I checked troubleshooting and followed the directions to disable directdraw, etc. but that didn't work to correct the problem. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

    __Jim Razzi

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    Is the file you want to overwrite Read Only?


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    Default Tga Tool2 not working

    Quote Originally Posted by Robkeb View Post
    Is the file you want to overwrite Read Only?

    No, because I unchecked it.
    I wondered if I should just simply reinstall the program, but although I googled it, for the life of me I can't find a download site for Tga Tool2. Do you know of any?


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    Just found only 1 downloadlocation where you have to register:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jrazzi View Post
    I can't find a download site for Tga Tool2. Do you know of any?
    This is the original source:

    However, TGATool2A is a better bet and is installed for you with RouteRiter...


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    The file in the library includes tgatool2a. Tgatool2a uses aceit for the conversion process.

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    Thumbs up Tip For Using ACEIT A Shortcut in Time Saves Nine!

    Here's a tip for using Aceit;
    My copy of AceIt (the executable) resides in:
    "C:\Program Files\Route_Riter\AceIt\aceit.exe"
    This is the default location where it got installed during the install of Route_Riter.

    I place shortcuts to the AceIt executable wherever I may need Aceit, in the textures folder, on the desktop, or wherever I think I may need to use Aceit.

    Now why is this a good thing?
    Okay, it seems AceIt will generate an Ace file from either a JPG, TGA or BMP input, in the same folder the shortcut to AceIt is located!

    I usually work on the desktop (isn't that where you do your paperwork? ) . . . anyway, with a shortcut to AceIt on the desktop all you need to do to create an Ace file is drag and drop your TGA, BMP or JPG onto the shortcut, drop it and Bingo! an Ace is created. . . right there on the desktop!

    The Ace file will be created in the folder where ever the AceIt shortcut is located;

    WARNING!! If there is an Ace file with the SAME NAME where the new Ace will be created it will be overwritten WITHOUT WARNING.
    So be sure not to overwrite you may need. (I was making snow textures and overwrote the original Ace file with the same named texture file. No big deal but be aware this can happen)

    IOW, if the AceIt shortcut is on the desktop the Ace file gets created on the desktop; If the another shortcut is in the Textures folder also, then if a BMP, TGA or JPG is dropped on the shortcut there then the Ace file gets created in that folder, . . . even if you dragged the input file from a different folder, the Ace gets created in the folder where the shortcut is located. . . .The input file location is NOT changed.
    I have shortcuts to the AceIt executable wherever I MAY have use for generating an Ace file. . . in the Google Sketch save folder for instance. Very very handy.

    There is no limit to the number of shortcuts; the Ace file gets created wherever the shortcut resides.
    This is very handy . . . something I found quite by accident.
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    how to download tagtool2a plese help

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