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Thread: Conrail Indy Route

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    Default Conrail Indy Route

    I just downloaded the newest verison of this route from the file library but there does not appear to be an installer to copy the files from the default routes. I have read some previous posts, but did not find anything that deals with this issue. Am I overlooking something?



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    Default RE: Conrail Indy Route

    i know you need x-tracks and new-roads, also you may want to do the install-me as well, try that


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    Default RE: Conrail Indy Route

    You need to follow the instuctions in the readme & you'll find the route will work fine.
    This is not a separate route, but rather an overwrite. So there is no .bat file to retieve any missing files needed from other routes.

    My advice...
    First - Make a copy of your existing CR Indy Line as a backup.

    Second - Download the new version and unzip it into a separate folder.

    Third - From the new Indy Route, remove all the activities, services & paths from their respective folders... these were the authors & unless you have all his consists & trainset models, it will of course crash the sim when you try to run it.

    Fourth - Cut the new Indy folder & paste in your MSTS Routes folder, click yes to overwrite.

    Final - Again as the author writes, you need X-Tracks & Newroads or don't expect the thing to work. I assume you already have it installed if you've already got the CR Indy Line working.

    I was scared & expecting a battle when I finally D/L'd the route, seeing all the posts from people having problems getting it to work. I think the common problem is people were downloading the thing & didn't have the earlier CR Indy v2 to begin with.
    I experienced no problems what-so-ever!!!
    Bonus was all my old activites worked without a hitch.
    I read the instructions.

    BTW - its worth the wait for the 230+Meg download, the scenery improvements bring it to modern standards - up there in quality with the Pokey & freeware Cajon.

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