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Thread: Default Hisatsu Line

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    Default Default Hisatsu Line

    I want to modify the default Hisatsu Line into an American short line railroad that is a logging line turned scenic railroad. If somebody can tell me how I would do this it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default RE: Default Hisatsu Line

    Well, the route editor is a place to start.

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    Default RE: Default Hisatsu Line

    A daunting task, modifying a completed route. If you are planning track or road changes you must first delete all interactive track objects if you expect to (1), have a useable route when finished and (2), retain your sanity.

    Interactive track objects are;
    speed limits, mileposts, car spawners, pickup objects (water fuel),hazard markers, siding markers, platform markers and signals.

    This is how I started the NEC4, deleting all interactives.
    Not doing this and add/changing roads or track will leave you with a corrupted track database and lost sync between track tables...which usually means starting at the last good backup.
    If you take these precautions (rules really) you will have a great time route building. Cut corners with interactives and your route will undergo a meltdown.
    Have fun, I know I did!

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