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    I can't seem to get this route unzipped without the select part 1 archive annoyance using WinZip. Did anyone else have similar problems and a solution. Thank you. My e-mail is [email protected] if I don't get the reply here. Thank you.

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    When you download the files from the library, do so to an empty folder.
    It should look like this.

    Then re-name the files so look like this. Take care to observe upper & lower case.

    Then left double click on the Zip Icon. Make sure you have the latest version of WinZip. Or you can use WinRAR.

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    There are 5 zipfiles for Kingsportv2. Each one contains a file that needs to be unzipped

    kportv21 unzip
    Kportv22 unzip kportv2.000
    kportv23 unzip kportv2.001
    kportv24 unzip kportv2.002
    kportv25 unzip kportv2.003

    Rename kportv2.000 to kportv2.z01
    Rename kportv2.001 to kportv2.z02
    Rename kportv2.002 to kportv2.z03
    Rename kportv2.003 to kportv2.z04

    Now run

    EDIT. Mike has done it with pictures while I typed this out. :D
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    Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. Now I have to re-download it all, but it will be worth it to run Clinchfield stuff. Thanks again.


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