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    I am trying to add a activity to my sim. right now the files that I have downloaded are on my desk top in a temp folder. what do I do next, this is a pokey route activity. Thanks


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    You put the files in your temp folder into the following folders:

    1. act file to the Activities folder in the route folder.

    2. pat file(s) to the Paths folder in the route folder.

    3. srv file(s) to the Services folder in the route folder.

    4. trf file(s) to the Traffic folder in the route folder.

    5. con file(s) to the Consists folder in the Trains folder.

    Not all activities will have all those sorts of files (apart from the act file).

    If you have an apk file in your temp folder, then double-click on it, and it should open and install the files automatically to the right place (as long as your MSTS is in the usual place). If you get an error message, it might be because you have not installed the tsunpack utility or because you have not unstored the route (if you use Train Store).

    If there are other files in your temp folder, then they are usually for your information, e.g. text files.

    Hope this helps for a start.

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    Hope it's not bad etiquette to jump in a topic but I have a really dumb question to ask about routes/activities.

    In the past before I've installed a new route or activity I have always made a backup copy of my complete Train Sim folder.

    As new routes and activities go into the routes folder is there any need for me to do this or can I just make a copy of my routes folder.


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    Hello Chris,
    No it's not bad etiquette, ask away, that's the idea behind the forum :) To answer your question, if you're just adding a new activity, you only need to backup the ROUTE folder that will be changed. If installing a new route that comes equipped with a self installer, you may also want to backup your TRAINSET folder.

    Take care,
    Rich S.

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    Thanks Rich

    Thought as much but just wanted assurance.

    Presumably if the route doesn't come with a self installer then there isn't any problem as it's a case of copying the unzipped file(s) to the route folder so you can see instantly what changes have been made, unlike the self installer whose actions are largely hidden?

    At least I know now that either Route or Trainset will be enough.

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    Did you read and understand the re-me that should have been bundeled with the activity download?

    If there is no read-me I personaly would dump it in the trash but that, of course, is your decision.
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