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Thread: Clovis Eastbound Activity

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    Has anyone successfully picked up the cars at Vaughn? I disconnect the locos, pull forward past the switch, stop, reverse, and set the switch so I go into the siding to pick up the cars. The second loco goes into the siding, but then the two hang up and bounce back-and-forth as if the switch has automagically reset... but that doesn't seem to really be what's happening. The first loco is indeed going into the siding, it's just that the locos are behaving as if it isn't. With enough application of power, it is possible to break through this, but then I crash into the cars I'm supposed to pick up.

    BTW, this route is the equal of any pay route out there. Superb work. The working excavator in the mine is a nice touch.

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    Have not run this activity, but have had similar problems on other routes. I found that pulling at least the length of the consist (in this case the two locos) past the switch before throwing the switch will solve this problem most of the time.
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