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Thread: Where find Marius Pass yard diagrams?

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    Default Where find Marius Pass yard diagrams?

    Hi gang,
    I'm new to MSTS and an old hand at MS flite sim. Did some scenery design there. Right now I'm at a loss for starting this in MSTS.

    Right now I am wanting yard diagrams and perhaps better maps of the Marius Pass route Whitefish to Shelby. I rough diagrameed the yard at Essex. And will clean it up some. If nobody has ever posted such yard diagrams, I may try sketching some more and posting them.

    I'm still lost poking around in the Fourm and this is post no. 1.

    Larry Costa, Crawford Airpark, Colorado USA

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    Default RE: Where find Marius Pass yard diagrams?

    there's an entire route map of the default Marias ass in the f/l. It's a pretty good diagram.

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