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    Hello all. I'm planning on downloading the Conrail Indy Line from the F/L, but am a bit confused. I see a bunch of files relating to the route it self, but I'm not sure which one(s) to download. I was looking at because it appears as though it's the entire route in one file, plus with ugraded scenery. What I'm not sure of with this is if I need other files,(i.e.: the original files for the Indy Route, and which version of X-tracks and T-section it's talking about). I know it would normally say all this in the README.txt, but it doesn't seem to have one. So can somebody help me with this? thanks

    EDIT: also if i download this version, will the activities for it still work on it?

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    Cannot answer the question on activities, but there are pelnty of new paths created in the enhanced version. Consists or activities are left up to the end user.

    The version contained completely within the one file IS the latest "enhanced" version of the version 2 (I guess you could call it version 2.1??), and should be the preferred one you download. You dont need any of the previous Indy installations already installed to make this one run.

    I also remember reading somewhere that you need some form of track sounds zip file ( - also available here in the file library)

    I don't believe the version requirement of Xtracks or New Roads has changed; what worked with the previous version works with this as well.

    One other little 'bug' I discovered with the latest "enhanced" version is some Conrail Indy-specific scenery objects apparently have been added to the route which point to files from a location in the /global/shapes folder instead of the routes own specific shapes folder. When running the route, I would get error messages about missing "CI_******" shape files when the train approached the Bellefontaine area. I solved that problem by copying all the files with a "CI_" prefix from the Indy route's shapes folder over to the global/shapes folder. I guess the person who did the route editing had some Conrail Indy-specific files in their global shapes folder, and when placing some of the objects in the RE, mistakenly referenced the copy located in the global/shapes folder instead of referencing the the copy which is in the Indy route's own shapes folder. As most people might not have the Conrail-Indy specific files in their global shapes folder, they would get the error message when getting near Bellefontaine in the sim. I dont know if the problem existed elsewhere, but I only discovered it near Bellefontaine and my "fix" did its job, so I wouldnt know about other spots.

    The route runs fine, otherwise, and the added scenery is a nice enhancement. There were a few minor adjustments with speed limits and signal speeds which were to the positive as well.

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    Answers to your questions in these threads...

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