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    I am trying to place a new object on a route that I downloaded. The s and sd files are in the right place as well as the ace file. I have added this object to the ref file as indicated in the readme file. However when I open the route editor it isn't there. What do I need to do. Thanks


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    Okay Rob, if you are able to view the object with ShapeViewer (SView.exe) then the error is in the ref file.

    Just a suggestion, I add all new ref file entries at the top of the ref file, one down from Dynamic at the top. Here is an example of the first few lines of my ref file:
    [email protected]@@@@@@@@@JINX0r1t______

    Dyntrack (
    FileName ( DYNTRACK )
    Class ( "Track Sections" )
    Align ( None )
    Description ( "1Dynamic track piece" )
    Static (
    Class ( LIRRTunnels )
    Filename ( LIRR_EndPier20dConcrete100m.s )
    Align ( None )
    Description ( LIRR_EndPier20dConcrete100m )

    Static (
    FileName ( TurntableSkirt.s )
    Class ( "Track Objects" )
    Align ( None )
    Description ( Turntable_Skirt )

    You'll notice in the line;

    Description ( "1Dynamic track piece" )

    I put a '1' in front of rhe 'D'
    This make the editor sort the track piece at the very top of the "TrackSections" list, very helpful when laying track or placing any object. (i use DT as a tape measure)

    Anyway, your problem is probably a misplaced or missing ')'. Carefully check where you entered it. There are also a program to look for proper closing parens. Someone else can help you with that as I've never used it.
    This is why I always paste a new ref entry immediatly following the DT entry. Very easy to spot a missing open or close paren there.
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